Nextenders is a progressive and socially aware company, and as such dedicated to integrating ethical, social, economic and environmental sustainability factors within its business strategies and processes with the objective of constantly improving the company’s CSR performance.

The company believes that CSR is integral to the long term sustainability of its business, hence we try to be responsible in all our interaction with customers, suppliers, our employees and the wider community.

Nextenders is committed to monitoring and improving its Corporate Social Responsibility by progressively developing aims to create excellence through service in:

  • The Health, Safety and Welfare of all employees, sub-contractors and members of the public who may be affected by its work activities
  • The training and development of all its employees
  • The quality, consistency, security, auditability, accessibility and carbon neutrality of the products we develop, host and supply to our customers
  • Environmental and waste management
  • Charitable and socially responsible activities both within and outside the work environment and by improving community relations.

To achieve these aims, Nextenders will endeavour to:

  • Continuously improve Health and Safety, Environmental Management and Social Responsibility issues, including the establishment of objectives and targets
  • Fully implement and monitor our Health and Safety Policy and Procedures in line with current Health and Safety legislation and relevant codes of practice in India and the geographies it operates in
  • Fully implement and monitor our Environmental and Sustainable Purchasing policy and the associated business procedures to achieve a progressively greener business, including the prevention of pollution, to our corporate carbon footprint, and commit to repair, re-use/conserve and recycle/reduce waste in order to comply with relevant legislation and codes of practice
  • Encourage suppliers and sub-contractors to adopt good socially responsible practices

Maintain our commitment to staff opportunities in:

  • Employment as set out in our separate Equal Opportunities, and our Recruitment and Employment policies
  • Life-long learning as set out in our separate Training and Development policy; and
  • Development and product delivery as set out in our separate Quality Management policy.
  • Commit to create success for our customers through respect as set out in our separate Customer Care policy
  • Develop Nextenders’ support for local and national charitable activities, including those undertaken by its employees
  • Foster and develop relations with local communities and schools
  • Maintain membership and relationships with appropriate trade and public bodies and associations
  • Ensure adequate resources are available to implement the requirements of this policy
  • Communicate these requirements to employees and ensure adequate training is provided
  • Make this statement available to the public
  • Review and update this policy during annual management reviews.

Nextenders procedures and approach to business arising from this policy are to be applied by all of its employees in the course of their work activities, across all Nextenders contacts with customers, suppliers, subcontractors and the public.

The cooperation and involvement of employees at all levels is essential for the effective implementation of this policy. Every employee has an obligation to take reasonable care for their own safety and the safety of the people who may be affected by their acts or omissions, as well as safeguarding the general environment and wider society that could also be affected by their acts or omissions.