Catalogue Management

An integrated, feature-rich module that helps streamline the eProcurement process by offering a defined set of products (the catalogue) for purchase. NexCatalogue allows you to offer a simple, easy-to-use ecommerce-style ‘shopping’ model to your users.

NexCatalogue provides quick, easy ordering from updated product data. Users can search or browse the entire approved product list and view product details, images and even 3D images. Procurement can be streamlined by grouping related products or creating approved lists.

Better for users, procurement managers and suppliers

Whilst users have a customised, secure interface for ordering and tracking purchases, procurement managers have enhanced functionality for reconciling transaction records against in-house information management systems. With supplier integration (via industry standard CMXL) product information and pricing can be updated instantly across all catalogues meaning, dramatically reducing management overheads.

For Suppliers, the data-interchange capabilities mean that they can be up and running quickly. All they need to do is register as a supplier and either upload their catalogue or link to their in-house data source.

NexCatalogue delivers:

  • Integration with suppliers’ offerings using industry-standard CMXL
  • Feature-rich ecommerce-style environment
  • Supplier registration and catalogue upload or data integration
  • Secure interface for ordering and tracking purchases

Benefits for buyers:

    • Quick and easy procurement for users
    • Single sign-on from procurement system
    • Integrated with supplier data for latest products and prices
    • Customisable categories and coding
    • Reconciliation with shipping, invoicing, receipting, budgeting
    • Approval protocols built-in
    • Detailed product descriptions
    • Users can browse or search product catalogue
    • Scalable and secure
    • Configurable management reports available in any format

Benefits for suppliers:

    • Self-registration for suppliers
    • Data integration reduces maintenance
    • Enterprise-class ecommerce platform
    • Bulk upload and custom reports
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