A comprehensive enterprise eProcurement solution

Nextenders’ Enterprise eProcurement platform, NexProcure, is an end-to-end system that handles your entire procurement process, from requirements to ePayment and contract management. It significantly drives up the efficiency of procurement by automating administration, removing duplication, reducing time-to-procure, and increasing competition.

Integrated, secure and flexible

Our enterprise eProcurement system is the result of ten years of experience delivering procurement solutions with public sector and private sector organisations. NexProcure also:

  • delivers a flexible, totally customisable workflow model that adapts to your organisation and its processes, not the other way round
  • supports integration into all your other business systems and processes for a seamless solution
  • provides patented security and tamper-evident technology to eliminate corruption and manipulation
  • incorporates a data-centric architecture to generate increased insight and control, as well as rich analytics and sophisticated management reporting options
  • optimises the user-interface to provide an intuitive user-experience that democratises procurement in the organisation.

Compliance and complexity are taken care of

NexProcure is compliant with all the major global standards for data exchange and compliance. It is capable of handling highly complex procurement projects. Through the application of a ‘parent-child’ architecture, NexProcure can model sophisticated, real-world procurement scenarios and complex sub-tendering situations.

Pioneering pricing models

We also offer a range of powerful pricing options that include pioneering pay-as-you-go and no-cost options. NexProcure Enterprise eProcurement meets the all the needs of government bodies, public sector organisations and large private sector firms – both in terms of functionality and commercial structure.

For more details contact us or download the NexProcure product sheet.